Going To Movie Theater

Being on vacation and back in my parents’ home, I am down to a very slow pace. There is no hurry in life. There is not much to do every day.

My kids are watching more TV. And they are getting into more fights with each other.

Though they are a boy and a girl, but since they are only 1 1/2 years apart in age, they play together but also fight a lot.

If one is not around for a while, the other gets bored.

My son likes to tease his little sister to provoke her and get a laugh, then my daughter gets mad and fights back.

They laugh, fight, yell, and cry every day. It drives my parents nuts. They are not used to that much noise.

To kill time, I took them to the movie theater to watch a movie today.

I hadn’t watched a movie for over 10 years, not since my son was born in 1998. I would rather read a book than watching a movie. I remember the last two movies I watched were the Bridge of Madison County and Titanic.

We watched the Karate Kid, an American movie with Jackie Chan. It was fun. I liked it.

When I was a kid, movie theaters were huge in size. They could hold 1000 people. They were full. Watching movies was cheap and popular.

Nowadays, watching a movie is expensive and less popular.

Chinese movie theaters are like those in the US, they are small. They show several movies at the same time. Each can hold about 100 people.

For a Chinese who makes 3000 RMB a month, it costs about half a day’s income to watch one movie. That is expensive for the average salary earner.

On the other hand, it is cheap to buy a movie on DVD. In addition, people have so many other choices for entertainment. So there are less people going to movie theaters now. There were only about 15 people in the theater when we watched the Karate Kid today.


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