The Most Giving Parents

The love that parents have for their children is the most selfless and unconditional love there is. This is the universal truth. It’s true no matter where you are.

Maybe I have bias, but I think the Chinese parents in general are the most selfless and giving parents there are.

They give themselves, their all to their children and grandchildren.

Parents in China do their best to raise their children, give them the best education they can afford. When their children grow up, they help raise their grandchildren.  

Both my parents and my husband’s parents have spent years living with us to help raise our two children. We have grandma and grandpa living with us since our first child was born. They are approaching eighties and still trying their best to help us.

The same day I arrived at my parents’ home, my parents handed me 30000 RMB which is more than my Dad’s pension for the whole year. They told me: "You need this to travel in China." 

My parents wanted to give me moeny to use in China, though I don’t need their money. It’s their way of showing love for me. If I do need money, I would have no hesitation to ask them. 

My mom gave me clothings and household items she thought I could use. She saves the best for me. 

When I saw my parents have Lock & Lock containers, I made a comment that I first saw them in a friend’s house and would like to have them. The next day, I noticed a set of the Lock & Lock containers in my suitcase. 

There is a saying in Chinese I heard lately: parents carry three mountains. It takes one generation to raise a child. It takes two generations to take care of a seriously sick family member. It takes three generations to purchase a house. 

Parents and grandparents put their life’s savings to help purchasing an apartment or a house for their children or grandchildren. 

I have a cousin who is retired. But she is still working two jobs to help paying for an apartment she purchased for her son. 

In China, children don’t borrow money from parents or grandparents. Parents usually give money to their children. Borrowing money from parents and paying back with interest is unheard of in China.