Health Conscious

While China could be the best place to live for senior citizens in some aspects, there are also concerns and problems senior citizens and most citizens face that make China a less desireable place to live.

It’s the problem with health care.  

Although there are problems with health care in the U.S. as well, visiting doctors in the U.S. is relatively simple – make an appointment, see the doctor, and pay the bills.

But in China it’s not that simple. 

In many places, you need good connections to see good doctors and you need to bribe doctors when you see them. Patients give doctors "red envelops," just like adults give kids lucky money at Chinese New Year, only doctors get a lot more than kids and not really in the red envelop. Everyone calls the bribery "red envelop."

Now doctors have a really bad reputation in China. Their reputation is worse than lawyers in the U.S. No one likes to go to hospitals and see doctors. Some like my father refuse to go to hospitals. 

People realize that the best policy against the corruption is to take good care of themselves. Paying attention to nutrition, exercising, living a healthy lifestyle and stay healthy has become the new motto. 

Green and healthy food, and anything that has something to do with healthy living  are popular in China.