Best place to live for senior citizens

I visited my cousin and his wife in Beijing. They are both retired and empty nested.

My cousin used to be a diplomat. He worked for the Chinese Foreign Ministry and the United Nations. He and his wife had lived in other countries such as United States, Swizerland in North America, Europe and Asian. Their only son lives in the US.

Now they enjoy their retirement years and have a very active live in Beijing. They say it’s the best place to live for elderly people, with a lot of opportunities and convenience for living.

China offers free public transportation for senior citizens. With their IDs, they get free rides.

China has universities for senor citizens where they can take classes and learn new things. You can learn a new instrument, painting, crafting, cooking, etc.

Both of them are busy doing crossstitches.

Every morning elderly people gather in parks or on the streets to do things together, exercising, dancing, Qigong, playing instruments, chatting, etc.

Restaurants, supermarkets and convenient stores are everywhere. You can walk to any places. Subways and bus stops are all within walking distance.  

My cousin’s wife said she doesn’t want to live in the US or other countries. "I can’t stand the loneliness there. My home is in China. It’s the best place to live for senior citizens."