Decluttering for a good cause

Spirit of Life Bible Church will have a garage sale on June 4th and 5th for the benefit of missions and sound/video equipment.

Spirit of Life is located near Sam’s Club at 690 Commerce Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125.

In the last few days I have been decluttering my house to find some items to donate to the sale.

My family has lived in the current house for 10 years. We have accumulated a lot of stuff during the 10 years, especially kids’ stuff.

I collected several bags of stuff animals, boxes of games, clothes. I gave some to friends. Today when I went to church, my van was loaded with junk (or maybe treasure for others).

It feels good that I can see more floor space in my basement now instead of having to maneuver my way around boxes and bags.

I have barely scratched the surface in my house. There is much more work to do.

Decluttering for a good cause benefits not only the church, but also my own well being.

I just realized that I wrote a column in Woodbury Bulletin about decluttering my life back in June 2007. 

Oh my, it took me three years to get started with decluttering in a serious manner.

It would be nice to declutter my life

Reduce clutter: use Feng shui


2 Responses to Decluttering for a good cause

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  2. Wilma Seville says:

    I had a real chuckle when I read about you decluttering your home.

    I am a saver of everything it seems, you should come here and help me declutter things!

    All joking aside, somebody will treasure what you have donated!

    I enjoy what you write, but cannot seem to figure out how to join your blog.

    My blog is:

    I am in Canada.

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