Day: May 17, 2010

Technologies made driving easier

Like many women, I am quite directionally challenged. I don’t have a good sense of direction.

In addition, I learned to drive after I came to the U.S., more than 10 years later than the average people learn to drive here.

These two factors contributed to the fact that I don’t like to drive. I feel nervous when I have to drive to a place I don’t know, because it’s not easy for me to multi-tasking on the road, driving and reading signs. I don’t know how people can texting while driving.

Even though I live in Twin Cities (reside in Woodbury and work in St. Paul), I rarely cross the River to go to Minneapolis, the other part of Twin Cities.

Today I had to go to Minneapolis to drop off a relative at a downtown hotel. Thanks to Google Maps and GPS, I had little trouble finding my way.

By typing the address in Google Maps, I could easily find out the direction to the hotel. When I added the term parking to the address, I got a map marked with parking ramps around the hotel. By adding the term restaurant to the hotel address, I got a map marked with restaurants around the hotel. You can even specify what kind of restaurants you want. By adding Chinese restaurant to the hotel address, I can get a map marked with Chinese restaurants.

GPS is even better for people like me. It tells me where to go. If I miss a turn, it recalculates and shows me the way. Cool.

For people like me, GPS is a great tool to have.

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Healthy choice

About 10 years ago I stopped drinking milk. I hardly eat any meat except some seafood occasionally.

Reading the following articles this week reinforced my belief that eating more vegetables is the healthier choice.

The Problem with Factory Farms 

Factory farming photos 

OBESITY CONSPIRACY: The U.S. Government Scandal that’s Really Making You Fat

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