Overabundance On Display

After I picked up my son from a special school event, we stopped at a few houses in our neighborhood on the way home.

Today is the beginning of the annual Lions Club Garage Sale in Woodbury.

It’s interesting to see what people have for sale.

At one of the houses, the garage was full of kids’ stuff, clothes, shoes and toys. There was a little 3-year oldish girl playing in the garage.

I said to the mom: "Looks like you have quite a few little girls."

"No, we have only this one. I know she is very spoiled."

It was mind boggling for me. How could one little child use so much stuff? That’s more than enough for a class of kids.

You never know, even going garage sale can open your mind and let you see things differently.

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  1. roxane s.

    Qin, it is interesting what a garage sale reveals about who is living within that particular home. In general, we Americans have way too much stuff. I think we would free ourselves by having much less.

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