Bad Day

Today was not a good day for me.

First I was upset about a family issue. Then something happened to my van as I was about to leave for home. Police had to be called.

After three phone calls and more than an hour of waiting, a St. Paul police officer finally showed up.

The experience reminded me of the excellent service we have in Woodbury. I know if anything happens in Woodbury, the police will arrive in less than five minutes.

I remember one day several years ago I misdialed a phone number at home. Once I realized that I made an error and my call went to 911 an operator, I quickly hung up the phone without saying anything. That was another mistake.

Soon afterwards, my door bell rang. I was surprised to see a police officer at the door. He came to check if everything was OK because of the 911 call.

I was embarrassed, and also very impressed by the Woodbury police.

Now I think about it, I feel thankful, because nothing serious happened to me today. Good or bad, it’s all relative and about perspective. And I am thankful to live in Woodbury with better police service.

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  1. bill trapper thompson

    well does that suprise you takiny that long to come and check out complant thats normal they are to busy eatiny dounuts thank you bill thompson trapper

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