Teacher Conference

I went to Lake Middle School right after work for my son’s teacher conference.

For the last two conferences in fall and spring, I had to spend more than two hours each time to go around the rooms, wait in lines and talk to a few core subject teachers.

Today, there were hardly any lines. For each teacher, there were only one or two parents ahead of me. I was able to go around and visit with every teacher, not just the core subject teachers, but all teachers my son has classes with right now, including language, math, science, social studies, art, Chinese language, band, and gym. It was the first time I met the Chinese and gym teachers.

This time I finished the conference in less than two hours, and also got to talk to all teachers. That was great.

Teacher conference provides a good opportunity for me to talk with teachers and find out how my kids are doing in school and how they can improve and do better. It also provides an opportunity for me to find out who my kids’ teachers are and to connect with them.

Keeping good communication between teachers and parents are beneficial for all parties involved.

When the science teacher told me that Andy is doing well in the class and got an excellent grade for his recently finished project, I mentioned that science is not Andy’s strong subject. He doesn’t feel very confident in this subject area himself. The teacher was surprised about it. She said she would pay more attention and encourage him more in the class.

By communicating with teachers, both teachers and parents can better help the students improve.

As I said in a Woodbury Bulletin column, education is a joint venture.