Tools To Keep Track Of Your Books

I have a habit of keeping records of the books I read, and I have a simple way to do it.

I use an index card to write the author, title, subject headings, call number, the dates it was read. They are like the cards people used in the library card catalog in the old days.

When I start reading a new book, I make a card for it, with the starting date. The card can serve as a book mark too. When I am done, I write the completed date on the card. Then it gets put in a box.

This is a simply system, easy to do. It helps me remember what I read. The only problem is it is not easy to locate a particular card. I might have filed it under one category and then look for it under another category years later.

Even though I still do my cards, more out of habit, I have found a better way to keep track of my books by using the online tool

Signing up for an account is very simple. All you need is your name, your email address and your password.

Once you have an account set up, you can add books to your account.

To find books you want, go to Find books and enter title or author or ISBN. Once you find the right title, simply click Add to my books. You can write a review, rate the book, add the date it was read, and do other things.

When you go to My books, you have the list of books you added to your account, with book cover and detailed information about the book. The visual image of the book cover is very helpful in refreshing your mind about the book.

You can use Goodreads to catalog your entire home library. is definitely a great tool to help keep track of what I have read and what I like to. Now I just need some time to actually add the books to my account. I already added some, but a lot more still needs to be done.