Library Big Book Sale

Washington County Library holds Big Book Sale at several of its branches on an annual basis.

R.H. Stafford Branch in Woodbury will have its annual Big Book Sale this weekend, Friday- Sunday, April 23-25. Used library materials and donated items are for sale on the lower level in Central Park. It’s a great opportunity to buy books at a low price.

I love libraries and books. I am also trying to do more volunteer work to give back to the community. So the book sale at the Library provides the perfect opportunity for me.

For the last two years or more I volunteered at the book sale. I enjoyed doing that. After a couple of hours, I went home not only with a good feeling in my heart, but also with some good books in my hand.

I have signed up again for this year to help on Saturday morning.

For more information about the book sale and donating books, visit the Library’s website.