Woodbury AT Teams Won At State Tournaments

Academic Triathlon‘s Minnesota state tournaments took place at Minnetonka Middle School East today.

Three teams from Woodbury (Lake Middle School, St. Ambrose and Woodbury Middle School) won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places at the Green Meet with nine teams in total competing.

Woodbury should be proud of our students for the victory at the state.

My son’s team didn’t make it into the first three places at state, but he had a great time. He said he will do it again next year. I am glad. Last year I asked him to participate in AT, he was not interested at all. Now after one try, he changed his mind.


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  1. Robbin Smith

    Hello Everyone!this is very good news for us.i thing that we are a eligible for it in this session . i congrats them.wishing for their next victory.
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    Robbin Smith

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