Woodbury Citizens’ Academy Graduation

2010 Woodbury Citizens’ Academy class picture

The first Woodbury Citizens’ Academy ended today with the graduation ceremony at the Eagle Valley Golf Course.

I am honored to be part of this first WCA class with 25 members. During the last nine weekly sessions, we learned about all aspects of Woodbury community: city government, public safety, community activities, city works, history, education, local media, business, and voluntarism.

It was a great opportunity to learn about the community and to meet some leaders in the community. I recommend this program to anyone who is interested in learning and getting involved with the community.

The graduation ceremony began at 7:15 with welcome and remarks by Alisa Rabin Bell, Executive Director of Woodbury Community Foundation. Then each class member was presented with a graduation certificate and the book Volunteer for Life: Achieve Your Personal and Professional Goals by Kelly Jahner-Byrne who spoke at our last session on voluntarism. Kelly is the winner of the 2001 Mrs. Minnesota pageant.

A heartfelt thank-you to Alisa Rabin Bell, Matt Stemwedel (City of Woodbury) and Marisa Novak for planning and organizing this program. Thank you Matt and Marisa for volunteering your time to the Woodbury Citizen’s Academy.

Dorothy Ann bakery & Café in Woodbury deserves a special thank you for providing refreshments at each program day.

Marisa Novak, Qin Tang and Alisa Rabin Bell

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