Academic Triathlon Awards Ceremony

The 2009-2010 Academic Triathlon Awards Ceremony of School District 833 was held today at Bailey Elementary School at 7 pm.

Academic Triathlon is an after school enrichment program offered to 5th graders and higher through the District’s Gifted & Talented Office. G&T Coordinator Nancy Vague presided over the awards ceremony.

All AT participants and their families were invited to the event.

This year, District 833 has 42 teams with total of 184 kids and 58 adult coaches participating in AT. Among the 42 teams are 23 teams of 5th graders, 12 teams of 6 graders, and 7 teams of 7th and 8th graders.

District 833 Superintendent Mark Porter, several principals, administrators and teachers representing various schools were present to congratulate the students for participating at AT. Thanks to all the educators for your presence and for your support.

Every AT participant received a customized medal.

It has “2009-10 USAT” on the front and participant’s name and school on the back of the medal.

My son Andy has received different medals from doing Math Leagues, Math Masters and basketball. This is the only medal that has individual’s name inscribed on it. So it is more special for him.

Andy’s team with members from Woodbury Middle School and Lake Middle School will go to the state meet this coming Saturday.

Good luck to all the teams from our District that will go to the state meet.