Sharing Yards And Resources

The gardening season is soon upon us. I am really looking forward to working in my garden and eating home grown vegetables again.

In fact I already did some gardening yesterday when the weather was warm. I transplanted some Chinese chives from one side of my garden to another side, in hope of getting better and healthier growth this year.

Today I learned about a new website that might be of interest to gardeners or want-to-be gardeners: Yards to Gardens (

According to the website, the purpose of Yards to Gardens is to help create gardens by connecting people who are looking for gardening space with people who have available space, and to provide a place for exchange of gardening tools and resources.

So if you have space in your backyard that you want to turn into a garden, but do not like to do the work, you can offer the space to other people and let them do the work in exchange for some fresh produce. It is a win-win for everyone.

For more info, check the website and the press release.