All About Business

I have lived in Woodbury for almost 10 years, but have never been to Woodwinds Hospital which opened 10 years ago in 2000. It’s the only hospital in Woodbury and in the southeast Twin Cities metro area.

Today I had a chance to visit this award winning and much praised health care facility, not because of any medical needs, but because I had Woodbury Citizen’s Academy session eight in Woodwinds Conference room.

It is a nice facility. When I walked in, I didn’t feel like I was in a hospital.

Roger Green, who works at Woodwinds and is also on the board of Woodbury Community Foundation, gave us a brief introduction about the Hospital.

Today’s main topic was about business in Woodbury. An important part of business development is going toward health industry, because Woodbury is developing a medical campus and trying to market Woodbury as a medical destination.

We had representatives from the City of Woodbury and Woodbury Chamber of Commerce to talk about business development and WCC.

Scott Carlson (Local business owner) and Dawn Paetz (WCC Chair) gave an overview about Woodbury Chamber of Commerce.

Janelle Schmitz, Planning & Economic Development Manager from City of Woodbury, talked about strategic planning for economic development.

Christopher Burns, an attorney and volunteer for the Economic Development Commission, shared how citizens can get involved in economic development planning through various committees.

Now I have a better understanding of what Chamber of Commerce is. Some people might think that Chamber of Commerce is part of the city government. That’s what I thought. But they are two different organizations. However, they do work closely together to promote business development in Woodbury.

As with the past seven sessions, this was another informative one. I enjoyed learning new things. It’s fun to meet people in person whom I read about in the newspaper.