Meet The Local Media

As a writer and someone who cares about the local community, meeting with editors and publishers of the local media and learning about what they do and how they do their jobs are of great interest to me.

I am fortunate to be part of the first Woodbury Citizen’s Academy. Today, for session seven, we had the opportunity to meet the press in the Woodbury City Hall.

The following people gave us a brief history and overview of each entity they represent.

• Hank Long, Managing editor – Woodbury Bulletin
• Ted Lillie, Publisher – Lillie suburban newspaper
• Debbie, Editor – Woodbury Magazine
• Julie Lehr, Communications Coordinator and Jason Egerstrom, Communications Specialist – City of Woodbury Communications

Hank Long, Ted Lillie and Julie Lehr walked us through the development process of how to cover a news story, using Woodbury Lakes Shopping Center as an example. They talked about the five stages in the process: rumor, application, public hearing, approval and grand opening, and demonstrated how one would go about identifying the sources and issues, and writing from interesting angles.

Debbie Musser shared how she plans an issue of Woodbury Magazine. She also let us play the role of editor and brainstorm ideas for the Magazine.

It was a really interesting and informative session. I not only learned some insights of the local media, but also met with the people in charge of the media. What a great learning and networking opportunity!

I knew Hank from writing for the Woodbury Bulletin. I thought he always writes about other people and put other people in the spotlight. Today I could finally put him in the spotlight. That’s why I took a picture of him during his presentation.

So here comes Hank, editor of Woodbury Bulletin.

Oops, my picture turned out to be a little blurry to be useful. So unless Hank is willing to send me a picture of himself, you would have to get a paper copy of Woodbury Bulletin to see him. You can get the newspaper in grocery stores or gas stations in Woodbury. It comes out every Wednesday.

For the monthly Woodbury Magazine, you can get free subscription by requesting it via its website. I highly recommend it. I enjoy reading the Magazine with beautiful photos and nice articles.

I am not so familiar with the Woodbury-South Maplewood Review. You can get more info from its website.

City of Woodbury has a few publications worth mentioning and reading: the Woodbury City Update (10 issues per year) and Parks and Recreation brochure (three times a year in April, Aug. and Nov.) that every household and business in Woodbury gets automatically.  

The City of Woodbury website has a wealth of information. You can sign up for InTouch lists to get updates on different topics from the city.

BTW, when you go to the city’s Parks and Recreation website to register for classes, you can see a photo of my son. That photo won the Woodbury Photo Contest a few years ago. I am glad they like the photo and have it on their website.


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  1. Ted Lillie

    Thank you Qin!

    It was fun to share media background with the Woodbury community foundation! All the best to you and your group.

    Ted Lillie

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