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Want to show your favorite teacher a little appreciation?

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Nominations are accepted through April 2nd.

The top nominees will be announced the week of April 5th. Then everyone can vote for the finalists.

Five deserving teachers will be surprised during Teacher Appreciation Week (May 3-7, 2010) with a FREE 8-meal session from Let’s Dish!

Today my daughter went to a Destination Imagination celebration party at Green Mill. It was organized by Middleton 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Joan Hochman.

Mrs. Hochman organized and coordinated the DI program at Middleton this year. Eight teams with some 60 students participated in the program. A lot of work, time and effort went into team building, weekly practices, preparing for competition on March 6th and the party today.

When I noticed the “Nominate your favorite teacher to win” email in my inbox later in the evening after I came back home with my daughter from the party, I just had to nominate Mrs. Hochman. She definitely deserves lots of appreciation and a free meal.

Thank you and good luck, Mrs. Hochman! 

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