Why Scanning Documents?

One of the things I always wanted to do was to scan all of my important paper documents onto computer.

Well, I finally did it today. I took out a binder that contains important documents such as ID cards, passports, birth certificates, graduation certificates, marriage certificates, vehicle and house titles, etc. and scanned them all in 2-3 hours.

There are many advantages of having those documents scanned onto computer.

Peace of mind
I can make a backup copy of my computer and store it somewhere else. In case something happened to the original paper documents, I still have a copy in electronic format.

Reduce paper clutter and go green
Scanning paper documents onto computer is a great way to reduce the use and storage of paper. I don’t need to keep multiple paper copies. I can always print copies if needed. This will reduce paper waste and conserve energy.

Easy portability and access
I can keep the electronic documents on my computer and also on a flash drive. I can access the documents whenever I need them.

Easy organization
Electronic documents can be organized much faster, better, and more easily than paper documents. In addition, finding, viewing, and sharing electronic documents can be achieved with unprecedented speed and ease – instantly.

Paper documents will turn yellow and become brittle over the time. Scanning paper documents onto computer can preserve and improves the quality of those documents.

For my next scanning project, when I have time and desire on another day, I would like to scan more photos, and school reports and certificates from various activities.

Imagine, when my kids grow up and start their own lives, I’ll be able to hand them a disk with important family documents and history, lots of photos and their childhood memories, everything on a disk.

Wouldn’t it be cool?