A Day Refreshed In Body, Mind And Spirit

What a nice day we had today!

It was sunny and warm. With a record-high 64 degrees in the Twin Cities, it felt like spring or summer, though there were still chunks of ice here and there on the road.

Kids were wearing shorts and t-shirts while playing balls, biking or scooting outside.

I also came out of my winter hibernation. I did a couple of things I haven’t done in the last few months.

In the afternoon, I worked in my garden. After dinner, I took a walk.

Just last week, the garden was still covered with snow. With rain and rising temperature, the ground has thawed. I was able to dig a trench in my garden and mixed into the ground my food scraps that were accumulated during the last few months.

Since I started the vegetable garden in our backyard when we moved into the new house in 2001, I have been doing composting all year around.

Most of the year, I just dump the food scraps in the trench and cover it with some soil on the top. But during the winter when the ground is frozen, I leave the food scraps in plastic bags under my deck. I compost them all when the weather gets warmer like today.

I feel good that I am able to garden organically using soils enriched with my own compost. It also makes me feel good to reduce trash and help save the environment.

After dinner, it was still bright. I took a 40 minute walk around the neighborhood. It felt so good to breath in the fresh and warm air. I had missed my after dinner walk for a few months.

During winter, I hardly see anyone on the street. Most residential areas feel like ghost towns. Now I can see and feel life in the air again, with people walking and kids playing outside.

As I was walking, I pondered again on the message that my pastor Frank Sanders delivered this morning at Spirit of Life Bible Church.

His message was centered on the question: “What is your priority in life?”

Pastor Frank is passionate about God. His sermons are always insightful and down to earth. Today I was especially touched by his message. He spoke to me, into my mind and soul.

I pondered the questions he asked everyone: “What is your priority and do you have your priority right?”

I think I know what my priority is and should be.

  • To look beyond the earthly and temporary things and set my eyes on the eternal life.
  • To love my God with all my heart, mind, soul and strength, and love my neighbors as myself.
  • To walk with the Lord in my daily life, to read his Words, to obey, to pray, to serve.
  • To surrender my will and obey His will and follow his plan and purpose for my life.
  • To accumulate wealth not on earth, but in heaven.

But, do I practice what I know?

As I reflected where and how I spend my time, treasure and talent, I knew in my heart that I don’t always do what I should do.

Even though I know what my priority is, but if I don’t do it right, it’s no different than someone who doesn’t know what his priority is.

Pastor Sanders’ message really stirred my heart today.

Working in the garden, walking in the neighborhood, with Pastor Sanders’ message in my mind, and the fresh air in my body, I felt refreshed and reenergized.

What a beautiful day I had!

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