Reading Rivalry At Middleton Elementary

Reading Rivalry Competition was held at Middleton Elementary School in Woodbury today. The 3rd, 4th and 5th graders had separate competition at the grade level. I watched my daughter’s 4th graders competing.

Amy’s team got the 3rd place. They lost the 2nd place to a boys’ team when they didn’t answer the 2nd tiebreaker question correctly.

Nice job, boys, for winning the reading competition. It shows you are not only good at sport (they were all wearing some kind of sport team shirts), but also at reading.

It was a fun and exciting event.

Each team had to read 12 books in order to participate in the competition. They had practiced with a parent coach since mid January. Amy was one of the few who read all 12 books.

Thanks Brenda Erikstrup for coaching Amy’s team! And thanks to all teachers and parents involved who made this event possible.