DI Tournament And Award For Principal

My daughter Amy and I spent more than half of the day today at Harding High School in St. Paul for the 2010 Minnesota Destination ImagiNation East Metro Regional Tournament.

Destination ImagiNation is an after-school educational program for students from elementary school through college to learn and experience creativity, teamwork and problem solving.

Each team chooses a Team Challenge to work on. The team works together to create a solution and presents it on tournament day. The Team Challenge is the first part of the DI competition and is open to spectators.

The second part of the DI competition is the Instant Challenge. An Instant Challenge is an unknown challenge and is conducted in a private room with only one Team Manager for an audience.

The winning teams from the Regional competition are then eligible to compete at the affiliate-level "State" competition. Winners at the state level can compete at the Global Finals in May in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Amy was on one of the eight teams from Middleton Elementary School that participated in the event. The teams started practicing weekly since December 2009.

We left right after the Instant Challenge and before the award ceremony. So we don’t know the results yet.

Middleton teacher Mrs. Joan Hochman has organized and coordinated all the details around DI practices and competition for Middleton, with several parent volunteers as team coaches. My daughter’s team coach is Dana Millington. I want to thank them all for making the DI possible and successful at Middleton. I know they had put a lot of time and efforts into the program and tournament.

For more information on DI, visit the following websites:
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Speaking of Middleton, I got the following good “News from District 833” yesterday.

"Middleton Principal Julie Nielsen receives MESPA award
Congratulations to Julie Nielsen for being named the recipient of the 2010 Minnesota Elementary School Principals’ Association Division Leadership Achievement Award. MESPA members selected 12 of their peers to receive the 2010 MESPA Division Leadership Achievement Award. Principals are responsible for a school’s instructional, school culture, and resource leadership. The award honors principals whose exemplary leadership and sustained efforts have made noteworthy contributions to the operation of effective school learning programs – improving education, their communities, and their profession."

Congrats to Middleton and Principal Nielsen.