Learning About Woodbury History

Learning about the history of the community we live in and hearing older generation talking about what life was like in the old days are fascinating.

That’s just what we did today at session five of Woodbury Citizen’s Academy, held in the oldest church of Woodbury, maybe one of the oldest in the whole state, Woodbury United Methodist Church.

Several members from the Woodbury Heritage Society came to do a presentation and panel discussion to share their knowledge about Woodbury: its geography, history, first settlers, first churches, first mayor, first developments, early schools, early community life, population growth, etc.

It was great to learn where our street or school names such as Bielenberg, Red Rock, Middleton came from, among other things.

We had a chance to see some pictures and artifacts. We also did a whirlygigs project to take home. That’s what kids played with before they had plastic toys so common today.

I have lived in Woodbury since 2001. I don’t know how many times I have driven past the Woodbury Heritage House and Garden located at the corner of Radio Drive and Lake Road. In the last couple of years I wanted to take my kids to visit it, but never did. It’s a shame. I will make sure to visit the little house this summer. After today’s presentations I am really motivated to do so.

I want to say thank you to Bill Schrankler, Wayne Schilling, Kathryn Ho, Ken Wolterstorff and Bud Urtel from the Woodbury Heritage Society for your informative and interactive presentations and discussions. Thank you for what you have done to help keep Woodbury’s past alive. I hope your love for Woodbury has inspired a few souls to join you in your wonderful cause.

Woodbury Heritage Society is in need of volunteers who can help preserve and document Woodbury’s history and aid residents of our community in learning and understanding more about Woodbury’s early years. Please visit Woodbury Heritage Society’s website for more information.