Touched By Adoption

One thing that often touches me more than anything is reading and hearing about people who adopt special needs children.

This past Sunday [02/28/2010], Pioneer Press had a front page adoption story titled “Just a little more perfect.” It’s about a couple, Chris Stein and Meryl Rose, who adopted a girl from China with a cleft lip or palate. They are going to adopt another child with the same condition.

Connections, a newsletter by Gillette Children’s Hospital, also had a story about Willow’s adoption in its Fall 2009 issue. Read “New Family. New Future!" here.

What a selfless act and sacrifice!

I am always touched by stories like this. I feel admiration for people who adopt children in need, especially children with special needs. And I am happy for those children who were abandoned by their biological parents but now found new parents and new homes.

It is true a real parent is someone who raises you, not someone who just gives birth to you. I hope when these children grow up, they will realize how fortunate they are. Even though they were born with a physical problem, yet in a way they are more fortunate than many physically healthy children who grow up without love at home and in abusive families.

As a native Chinese, I feel thankful for all Americans who have adopted children from China and give these orphans a loving home. I am more than thankful for those who have adopted children with special needs. I really admire them.

One of the first two articles I wrote for Woodbury Bulletin in 2006 was about an adoption story of a couple I met in Woodbury who adopted a special needs girl from China.

Read "A special adoption journey" here.