Just A Game, Win Or Lose

Today my 10 year old daughter Amy had her Year End Basketball Tournament.

This was the first time that Amy participated in a team sport. She has enjoyed playing the ERAA 4th grader in-house basketball. She had a great team and two wonderful coaches.

For the whole season that started last November, her team was unbeatable. As the result, the girls expected to win the last two games today at the tournament.

They won the first game against a Cottage Grove team pretty easily.

For the second game against another ERAA team, it was more challenging, but for the first half of time, Amy’s team was ahead of the other team. It really looked like that finishing the season with an unbeatable record was a done deal.

Then the other team scored their first two points. Quickly they gained momentum and more points. Within a few short minutes, Amy’s team lost ground and the game, to everyone’s surprise and disappointment.

It was hard for a few girls to accept the reality. They were emotional and cried.

The girls were really passionate about the game and had high expectation. Therefore, it was hard for them to take the loss.

The more passionate you are about something, the harder you crash when it fails.

I am not a sport fan at all. I don’t know anything about sport and don’t watch sport. When I take my kids to practices or games, I always have something to read with me. I am not as attentive and involved as other parents are when it comes to cheering for the teams.

But just being in the gym, watching the kids play, surrounded by excitement and disappointment, I could feel my body get tense from time to time.

No wonder watching or playing sport can be such an emotionally charged experience.

I certainly wish that Amy’s team could have won the final game and finished the season with a perfect winning record. But I think losing a game was not necessarily a bad thing. It could teach the girls some important lessons.

  • You don’t always win, whether in sports or in life. Success and failure are all part of life.
  • Past performance is not a guarantee of future results, as almost all investment literature tells you.
  • Don’t take things for granted.
  • Don’t be too proudful when you win; don’t be too discouraged when you lose. Things can change in seconds.
  • Don’t take the game too seriously, play and have fun.
  • Win or lose, it’s just a game.

My daughter had fun playing basketball, enjoyed her classmates and coaches, learned some skills and team spirit, and got good exercises twice a week for over three months. For me, it was a winning game from every aspect. It doesn’t really matter what the score says.