Overcome Depression

Today I went to a brown bag lunch presentation on overcoming depression.

Not that I have any kind of depression myself, but I know people who have depression. So I am interested in learning about depression, a mental illness that is so common in our modern society nowadays.

Depression was a foreign concept for me while growing up in China. People were poor and life was hard back then, but I don’t think people were depressed as they are today. We were happy if we could get enough or something good to eat.

Recently I heard comments from my brother and a friend from China saying that most people in China are depressed to some degree. Living standards are so much higher now, but there are also many social problems.

The gap between rich and poor is growing bigger than ever. Some can’t afford food or housing, while others have so much more to waste. People always want more than they have. No one is happy any more.

Depression has become a universal problem.

One of the books that was highly recommended by the presenters is The Chemistry of Joy: A Three-Step Program for Overcoming Depression Through Western Science and Eastern Wisdom. I saw some good reviews about the book on Amazon.

I hope others who are suffering from depression can benefit from this book.

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  1. Mary Aalgaard

    Qin, I hope someone finds this book who really needs it. I also have a very close friend who suffers. I have felt moments of being in the Pit. Knowing others care and that you’re not alone helps.

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