Learning About Community Activities

Woodbury Citizen’s Academy held session three today on community activities.

We learned about various educational and recreational opportunities offered by different organizations in Woodbury.

The presentations included:

  1. City of Woodbury Parks & Recreation Department – Jodi Sauro, Recreation Supervisor
  2. Community Education – Cristeen Lamberty, Community Education Manager
  3. Woodbury Athletic Association – Gene Johnson, WAA Executive Director
  4. East Ridge Athletic Association – Tami Rein and Tony Ronquillo. ERAA President and Vice President
  5. Woodbury Youth Althletic League – Mike Schaffer, WYAL

I learned something new from each presentation.

I knew the Eagle Valley Golf Course is owned by the City. Since it is open for only half of year and requires high maintenance, I always wondered how it is funded.

I was glad to find out that Eagle Valley Golf Course as well as Bielenberg Sports Center are actually profitable business enterprises for the City of Woodbury. Eagle Valley Golf Course generates more revenue than Bielenberg Sports Center. They don’t need any funding from the City.

The presentations gave me an opportunity to clear some confusion regarding WAA and ERAA.

WAA is an independent, nonprofit, youth organization administered and managed mostly by volunteer adults. WAA is not affiliated with the Woodbury High School, or only very loosely, while ERAA is affiliated with East Ridge High School and run by all volunteers.

Any youth can participate in WAA programs. But for ERAA football, baseball, basketball programs (both in-house and travelling), they are targeted at student athletes in the ERHS attendance boundary. ERAA does offer other “club” sports (like soccer, wrestling, track, etc.) that are “open boundary” and as such, will include athletes from outside of the East Ridge attendance boundary.

The presentations gave me a big picture of what Woodbury has to offer to its residents for educational and recreational opportunities. It was a great opportunity for me to learn something new about the Woodbury community.