A Hero In The Community

In my 12/15/2009 blog “Who are your heroes?” I wrote about one of the people who are heroes in my mind. Their stories of living frugally but giving generously always touch me deeply.

Such a hero also existed in our own community. I was happy to read the following story titled “$2 million donation may make arts center a reality,” posted on the Woodbury Bulletin website on 2/9/2010.

“The woman was a child of the Great Depression.

She lived frugally. People told the story of how she would reuse Kleenex boxes, evidence of her thrifty lifestyle.

She spent 40 years in Woodbury, but was not known as a socialite and had no strong connection to the arts community.

But local arts enthusiasts are indebted to the woman, who directed that upon her death last year roughly $2 million from her estate go toward construction of a long-awaited community arts center at East Ridge High School.”

The woman is a hero in my mind. Her generous donation will make a difference in the community and touch lives.

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