Disappointed And Disillusioned

A woman president for the United States? Yes! 

How about Hillary?

I would have voted for her during the last election if she were the democratic candidate. But not any more. No, not after I have read books about her and know more about what kind of a woman she is.

I have been encouraging my kids to read more biographies. Recently I picked out a book about the Clintons for myself.

There are more books on Hillary Clinton that any other first ladies in recent history.

I know you have to read a book like Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton with a grain of salt.

Even if not everything in the book is true, it still gives me enough reason to believe that Hillary doesn’t have the character and integrity to become a president and the leader for this country.

Some of the things described in the books were unbelievable. Having held the US government at a higher standard, it’s disheartening to know what was going on in the highest office during the Clinton administration. And it is disheartening to know that what usually happens in other more corrupted countries also happens here.

I felt disappointed and disillusioned.

Hopefully a better female candidate for the US presidency will emerge in the future.