Woodbury Citizens’ Academy

The Woodbury Citizens’ Academy, a 10-week program offered by the Woodbury Community Foundation, started today. I was one of the 25 participants in this very first class.

Our first session was held at the Woodbury City Hall.  

Woodbury Community Foundation’s executive director Alisa Rabin Bell welcomed everyone and gave an introduction of the Foundation.

Then we learned about Washington county and Woodbury city governments from various officials. 

County commissioner Lisa Weik talked about the role and responsibilities of county commissioners.

Deputy county administrator Molly O’Rourke gave an overview of Washington county structure, operations and services.

City council member Paul Rebholz talked about the role and responsibilities of city council members. 

City administrator Clinton Gridley gave an overview of city structure and operations, city budget and other isssues.

All participants are interested in the Academy to learn more about the inner workings of the local government and to get involved in the community. Some have lived in Woodbury for 30 years or their whole life, others moved here only a couple of months ago. Many expressed interest in giving back to the community.

A community can only thrive when its people are informed, involved and engaged.

Woodbury Citizens’ Academy is a great program to inform, involve and engage its citizens.

I am sure by the end of the program, we will all be more informed, involved and engaged. 


4 thoughts on “Woodbury Citizens’ Academy

  1. Lisa, thanks for visiting and leaving comments. I have enjoyed our first session. It’s great to meet you and others in person. Thanks also for serving as the the Country Commissioner.

  2. Thank you + Congrats 2 Wdby Community Foundation’s exec director Alisa Rabin Bell + Marisa Novak 4 their successful launch last night at City Hall of the CITiZEN’s ACaDEMY.

  3. It was my pleasure to address the group. I greatly enjoyed hearing attendees reasons for enrolling and why they love our city. Woodbury’s citizens are the reason this suburb stands out in the metro.

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