Living Food



Today I found in my basement two cabbages I bought at Farmer’s Market.

Back in October 2009, I bought quite a few of cabbages at Farmer’s Market when the produce was fresh and the price was unbeatable. These are the last two left.

As you can see from the pictures, the cabbages are still good. They have also grown.

Both have grown at the bottom. One has grown on the top as well, actually from inside out.

Can you imagine what the cabbage would look or smell like if it had been cooked and left out for three months?

It would be really gross.

Also imagine a raw potato alongside a cooked one, the raw potato will last for weeks and even sprout whereas the cooked potato will spoil in a few days.

Here lies the difference between living food and dead food.

It reminds me of what I read in Hallelujah Diet a few years ago.

To show the difference between a food that is DEAD and one that is ALIVE, the author Rev. George Malkmus suggests this little experiment.

Use 5 raw carrots. Place one in water and watch it grow. It will grow, because it is still in its living form.

It’s true. Sometimes I find the carrots left in the fridge for a while will grow roots.

Now take the remaining 4 raw carrots, and cook them. Cook one in boiling water. Cook the second carrot in a steamer. Cook the third carrot in the oven, and the fourth in a microwave.

Now take each of those cooked carrots and place them in the water as with the first raw carrot, and watch them grow.

Will these cooked carrots grow? Of course not! Why? Because the heat of cooking killed the life force (enzymes) within those carrots!

When we cook our food, we destroy all enzymatic activity, that is, the life within that carrot has been destroyed, along with a high percentage of its nutrients. 

Our body is comprised of trillions of living cells. These living cells are constantly in the process of dying and replacing themselves with new cells. The quality of the new cells is totally dependent on the building materials – the food we put into our body.

Dead (cooked) food cannot provide the proper building materials with which to build a new, healthy, vital, vibrant, living cell.

A healthy cell and a healthy body need living foods, foods which are still in their natural raw, living forms. Living foods are more nutritious because they still have all of their vitamins, minerals, and enzymes which will be destroyed in the cooking process.

People who eat living food are more alert, have more energy and need less sleep.

When I was growing up in China, I didn’t eat much raw food. Almost all vegetables were cooked. The only raw food I ate was probably cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots, in addition to fruit.

Now I am trying to eat more living raw food.

I always like fruit. I eat different kinds of fruit every day.

In terms of vegetables, now I can also eat raw celeries, cabbages, etc. During the summer, I eat salad every day from my own garden.

I hardly eat meat any more. I still like seafood, but I am eating less of seafood too.