Intentional Living & Valentine Contest

I don’t watch TV, but I like to listen to talk shows on radio.

My favorite radio station is KTIS AM 900 Faith Radio in Twin Cities. My radio at home, in my office or in my car is set to this station all the time.

One of my favorite talk shows is Intentional Living by Dr. Randy Carlson at 3:06 pm on weekdays and 10:06 am on Saturdays.

The program used to be called Parent Talk On Call With Dr. Randy Carlson. In the last couple of years it was changed to Intentional Living.

I enjoy listening to Dr. Randy’s biblical teaching on parenting, marriages, relationships and intentional living. His advices and comments are practical and common sense, with insight and wisdom.

Dr. Randy is the author of several books, including:

  • The Power of One Thing: How to Intentionally Change Your Life
  • Starved for Affection
  • Unlocking The Secrets Of Your Childhood Memories
  • Father Memories: How to Discover the Unique Powerful and Lasting Impact Your Father Has on Your Adult Life and Relationships

Today I heard about the Intentional Valentine Contest on his radio. You can go to his Intentional Living website and enter to win the grand prize of a trip for two to the Intentional Living Marriage & Parenting Conference – with free roundtrip airfare, lodging and admission to the conference.

Plus you can enter to win Dr. Randy’s books. Two of his latest books will be given away each day starting February 1 through February 11.

You might not win anything if you enter the contest, but if you check out his website and listen to his radio program on KTIS AM 900, I think you will learn something.

2 Responses

  1. Qin Tang

    Yes, I love working in the library, surrounded by books. But the library I am with now is a special library with mostly technical information. We don’t have children’s books and popular, bestselling books that the public libraries have. See my 2/1 posting for info related your books.

  2. roxane s.

    Qin, like you, I am not much into TV, but I have become quite an avid radio listener. For several years I listened mainly to our local Christian station. Loved it! But in the last year I’ve discovered Catholic radio, which is less about music and more about discussions regarding the Catholic faith and how to live it out. It has enlivened my already-alive faith. I listen to it while I’m cleaning house and in the car. I think I’m addicted, but in a good way. I’ve learned so much through it. It’s invigorating. We do have a lot of similarities, by the way. And you’re a librarian — what a wonderful career to have, to be surrounded by books on a daily basis. 🙂 I would be delighted to find you have my two children’s books on your shelves!

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