Mindfulness is a topic that has always interested me.

Today I had a chance to participate in a brief presentation by Judith Lies from Seeds of Mindfulness on mindfulness-based stress reduction.

Mindfulness is being in the present moment, having our mind and body in the same place at the same time.

The Chinese character "nian" for mindfulness is composed of "jin" (now) and "xin" (heart, mind). It means to "reflect, think; to study, learn by heart, remember; recite, read" – to live in the now, with heart and mind.

When we are engaged in a hobby, when we are focused on doing something we really like, we often forget the time. That’s when we are practicing mindfulness.

Mindfulness means our mind is focused on the present, not on the past or the future. We live in the present without judgment and expectation, without being in the fight or flight, reactive mode which causes stress in life.

During the presentation we spent a few minutes on meditation. It resulted in a relaxed and peaceful feeling.

I wish I could spend some time every day practicing mindfulness meditation. That will be really good for my body, mind and spirit.