Lost, But Not Found

Last Saturday morning my son had basketball game at Cottage Grove Middle School. After the game he left the gym quickly to make room for the next game. Some how he forgot his pair of basketball shoes in the gym or in the hall outside of the gym.

He found he lost his shoes the following Tuesday when he needed it for practice and the shoes were not in his gym bag.

I wasn’t worried about it. I was confident that we would be able to find the shoes in the lost and found area at school.

Today we went back for another game at the same location. We searched the lost and found, looked inside and outside of the two big bins, but to our disappointment, the shoes were no where to be found.

It was a new pair of shoes my son bought less than a month ago. He wore it only a few times indoors during basketball playing. So it was still like new.

We were both disappointed.

I was disappointed, not only because the lost shoes cost $40, but also by the fact that someone would take it.

Hopefully it was taken unintentionally.