Read The Bible Through In 2010

With the start of the new year, my home church Spirit of Life in Woodbury is challenging the congregation to read the Bible through in 2010.

"The Bible reading should take about 15 minutes of your day, but will provide spiritual food to sustain us in this world we live in," our Pastor Frank Sanders said in the email.

He also sent out a daily Bible reading schedule to help us stay on track.

Honestly, I have not been disciplined enough to read the Bible every day on my own. Time just flies by so fast every day.

After dinner and then after my kids go to bed, I check my email, do some reading, some writing, and some surfing on the Internet, without much notice, it’s already past midnight. I have to make myself go to bed so I can get up early the next day to go to work.

Bible reading is nothing urgent. I can do it tomorrow. Tomorrow often becomes another tomorrow, and another tomorrow.

With this new challenge, I want to commit myself to it. I’ll try my best to follow the daily Bible reading schedule and read through it this year.

Our challenge started a week behind the schedule. Today I spent a few hours reading and have almost caught up.

Please wish me good luck for the rest of the year 2010 and pray for me and my church for meeting the challenge successfully!