An interesting lesson

My 6th grade son at Lake Middle School is doing the Academic Triathlon for the first time this school year.

Today he had his second meet. Seven teams of 5th and 6th graders from different schools in the District took part in the meet at Grey Cloud Elementary in Cottage Grove.

I didn’t know anything about the Academic Triathlon. It was my first time to go to the meet and watch their performance for the PARTY in a box. It was quite interesting.

Between performances, parents were asked to answer some of the same questions that the teams had done. They were very challenging. You have to think fast and be knowledgeable in different subjects.

My 4th grader daughter did better than I. At least two times she was the first in the audience to raise hand and got the correct answer. She was rewarded with pieces of chocolate as prizes.

My son loves to read newspapers and watch news and sports on TV. I often become irritated when he spends too much time doing that.

After the meet today, he said to me: "Mom, see it’s good to read newspapers and watch TV. I can learn about current events."

He has a good point.

His team won second place (actually tie for the first place).

I feel my kids are smarter than I. I am sure it will become more clear as they get older.