A kind word or deed goes a long way

I have been working on creating a reading corner in the library where I work.

Today two building maintenance/repair guys came to the library to remove unneeded tables and file cabinet, relocate equipments and a public work station to create the space we need for the reading corner. They spent more than half of the day working and got the job done.

I know what they did today is nothing special. It is something they do every day. It’s their job. But at the end of the day, before I left the office, I sent them an email to thank them for what they did.

We all want to feel appreciated and valued, no matter what we do.

If others did something for you, whether it’s their job or a favor, always say a sincerely thank-you. They will remember your kind word and be happy to help you again in the future.

A kind word goes a long way.

Likewise, a kind deed goes a long way too.

A few months ago, a new family moved into the vacant house across the street. Because of the cold weather, I am always inside the house and never met the family.

During the Christmas holiday, I intentionally prepared some treats, walked over to the house to say hello and wish them happy holiday.

We had a brief conversation at the door. It turned out that the family came back from China after working there for 3 years for 3M. Their daughter is in college majoring in Chinese. As a Chinese, I am looking forward to warm weather and more conversations with them. They are a really nice family.

A few days later, the family brought us treats and to wish a happy new year.

Today they came over to our house with their snow blower to help shovel the snow in our driveway. How nice of them! I called to thank them after I found that out.

I am thankful for what others did for me today and for remembering to say thank-you when others do something for me.

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