Celebrate New Year

I had New Year’s Eve party at a friend’s home. Several families got together to celebrate the coming of New Year.

We made dumplings together.

In northern China, it’s a tradition to eat dumplings (Jiaozi) for New Year. We had a lot of food again.

After dinner some played Chinese Mahjong, some played poker, ping-pong or Wii game. I enjoyed conversations with friends.

We partied past midnight and into the New Year!

Now the parties are over, it’s time to think about how to lose the weight that I put on since Thanksgiving :-)

Wish everyone a Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

   We made lots of dumplings.


The dumplings can be boiled in water (shui jiao) or fried (potstickers).


 Green onion pancake

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  1. Those foods all look tasty–a little different than the dumplings I grew up on, but yummy nevertheless! Food with family and friends–how wonderful!

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