Try My Hands At Baking

During the time I grew up in China, we didn’t have or eat desserts such as cakes, cookies or ice cream. So I have never developed a sweet tooth.

As the result, I don’t have any passion and skill for baking. I rarely bake.

Today, I took some time to bake with my kids. My 6th grade son needed to make something as part of his school assignment. And I always wanted to try baking scones. I like them because they are not so terribly sweet as cookies and cakes.

Several days ago I bought butter just for baking. I used a recipe for raisin scone I found in a magazine and a recipe for banana bread I got from a coworker long time ago.

My raisin scones turned out great because I followed the recipe pretty closely. The only thing I didn’t follow exactly was the amount of sugar. I reduced it to make it less sweet.

But my son’s banana bread was not so good. We followed the recipe loosely. We didn’t measure everything exactly. When we didn’t have one ingredient, we used something else to substitute. When we mixed everything together, it was a little soft. Then it took longer time to bake. When it’s all done, the banana bread was dark brown. It’s edible, but not as good as what others can make.

Whenever I cook, I never use any recipes.

But in baking, I have learned that it’s really important to measure everything, to follow the recipe including the time and temperature.

I know I am not good at baking. I found some comfort in the fact that it’s not healthy to eat sweets loaded with white flour, sugar and butter. If I were good at baking, I would have baked a lot and more often, that’s not really a good thing health-wise. My kids would love to eat cookies for breakfast every day if available.

Good that I rarely bake.

[I don’t know why the fox and sour grapes story came to my mind now. Does it sound like so here?]

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  1. abra la mente

    I sometimes wish I didn’t like to bake or eat the results, but I do have a sweet tooth. For me, baking/eating brings back many memories of good times from the past, I think. I have cut down on baking and sweets, rarely buying anything commercially baked, but I know I could never give up entirely!

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