Food, Food And More Food

Today and yesterday my family went to two friends’ homes for parties.

There are quite a lot of Chinese living in Woodbury. Many work at 3M or other companies in Twin Cities. Just in my division or neighborhood, there are more than 10 families immigrated from China.

I know a fair amount of Chinese families through my kids, through my involvement at the local Chinese School, through different church activities, through my column writing for the Woodbury Bulletin, and then through friends.

A few families I know well often get together for parties, especially during the holiday time.

When we party, it’s usually a potluck. Every family brings something to share. The host family prepares many dishes too. It’s a big feast. We have more than enough food and many varieties. They usually look and taste better than the food at the Chinese restaurants.

Recently my pastor at Spirit of Life Bible Church was invited to dinner by a church family who is one of my Chinese friend. He later told the whole congregation that the home made Chinese food was so delicious. "Never decline an invitation to a home made Chinese dinner."

I think that’s a smart advice. 

Here are a few photos from my Christmas parties. They just show some of the dishes we had, but not all.

 A vegetable salad

Celery with peanuts. The cucumber on the left was chopped so finely into thin pieces I couldn’t tell what it was.


Tofu, shrimps, carrots, seaweeds and snow peas.




We don’t normally eat a lot of sweat treats and desserts as Americans do. But we also had cookies, cakes and fruit at parties.

The girls tool over the whole table so the boys had to find a different place to eat.  

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