Christmas treasure hunt

Last night I hardly got any sleep. I worked through the night on Christmas eve and didn’t go to bed till 5:30 am on Christmas morning.

I was busy preparing for the Christmas treasure hunt my kids asked for which I do for them every year. See an earlier article about “A family holiday tradition” on my blog.

This year I made cards for my kids, one card each for every year since they were born. On the cards I posted their birthday or school pictures. Inside I wrote a few things that were important for them during that year.

The first card contains their birth date, time, location, weight and height. The next card tells what happened during their first year of life, and so on.

I put each card along with small things in the bag and placed them in different rooms.

I started working on the treasure hunt a few days ago. It took a lot of time to review my calendars, gather information, find pictures, cut and write the cards.

I enjoyed doing it, because I would rather spend time than money when it comes to holiday gifts for the kids.

I know when my kids grow up, they will not remember what presents they got every year, but they will remember the fun they had treasure hunting.

The cards can be used as ornaments for the Christmas tree.

2 Responses to Christmas treasure hunt

  1. [...] wrote about my Christmas treasure hunt exactly one year ago on this blog. As expected, my kids asked me for a Christmas treasure hunt again this year. I happily obligated. [...]

  2. Abra says:

    What a cool idea!! Your kids will ‘treasure’ these memories (pun intended)!

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