Seven Gifts Worth Giving

While doing crafts for Christmas presents with my kids after dinner, I turned on the radio to hear some Christmas music.

My radio station is set on KTIS all the time. It was Chuck Swindoll of Insight for Living delivering his holiday message “Seven gifts worth giving” based on Hebrews 13:1-7, 15-17.

It was a timely message to hear. 

For Christmas and other holidays or special occasions, people give tangible gifts. The gifts we give each other may or may not be needed and appreciated. 

Hebrews 13 lists seven gifts that will always be received with gratitude. They are love, hospitality, compassion, purity, contentment, submission, and sacrifice. 

Love each other as brothers.

Entertain people, even strangers.

Remember those in need and have compassion.

Keep yourself and your marriage pure.

Be content with what you have.

Submit to your spiritual leaders.

Do good and share with others. 

These seven gifts will never be rejected, but will always be embraced and appreciated. And they will also leave a lasting impact on both the giver and the receiver. 

We should keep this list of gifts in mind during the holiday season and throughout the year.