Santa’s Coming To Office

I have a new office manager named Linda. With a new manager come some new ideas. 

One of the ideas from Linda was to play Secret Santa to celebrate Christmas and the holiday season in the office.

The whole purpose of Secret Santa is to have fun and get to know another staff member. It is a great opportunity to form new friendships, strengthen relationships, discover common areas of interest, and connect with each other.

A couple of weeks before Christmas, everyone in the office drew the name of another employee. I became the Secret Santa for the person whose name I drew from then on until Christmas.

Gifts from the Secret Santa don’t need to be monetary. Gift ideas include a note of appreciation and encouragement, thoughtful message, a good poem, handmade craft, etc. 

Gifts can be left in the individual’s holiday stocking or inbox. 

Linda loves quilting so she made stockings for everyone in the office. They are hanging neatly on the wall.

We are encouraged to connect with other staff to ask and learn about the individual, inquire about the individual’s special qualities, contribution to office, agency or society, and write a note to the individual that highlights his/her wonderful qualities. 

At the end of the time frame, everyone gives a Christmas card from Secret Santa with hints on who he/she is, but doesn’t sign the card. Individuals should try to figure out who their Secret Santa is.

Today we had our office holiday party. It started with a potluck lunch, then continued with playing the White Elephant game, and ended with the revealing of the Secret Santa. 

The food was great. My contribution was a fruit plate made with grapes, oranges, persimmons, Asian pears, green and red apples.

The White Elephant game was fun. Everyone who wanted to participate brought a wrapped gift of new or gently used item that is no longer wanted to exchange for another item. 

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. That’s the point behind the game. 

The most fun part was revealing the Secret Santa. Everyone read the Christmas card from the Secret Santa and guessed what that was. We shared what we liked that was received. We had a lot of laugh. 

It was really a fun holiday event. I felt a wonderful holiday spirit in the office that I wish will carry us over into the next year.

Our office Santa Claus (Phil) just doesn’t seem to look right to me. Aren’t all Santas old and fat guys?

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  1. Abra

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun with this. I have great memories of one very special Secret Santa season many years ago and your column brought those memories back and a huge smile to my face. Your fruit tray looks yummy, and your office Santa looks FINE!;-) As they say, out with the old, and in with the new.

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