Christmas Blessings, A Wonderful Christmas Gift

A few days ago I got out one of the poetry books I checked out from the library for my daughter and started reading it myself.

Since Christmas is in the air, it felt fitting to read Christmas Blessings by Helen Steiner Rice.

Once I opened the book, I wanted to keep reading. It’s such a lovely and wonderful collection of seasonal poems that reflect the wonder of this special holiday and the inspirational gifts of the author.

I only knew Helen Steiner Rice from a daily devotional calendar a friend gave me at least 10 years ago. This was the first time I read her poetry book.

I found the poems in the book are wonderful. Then I read more about the author, I was even more amazed by her talents and gifts.

Often referred to as the "poet laureate of inspirational verse," Helen Steiner Rice had her verse published in 72 books over her lifetime.

Through her writing Helen Steiner Rice encouraged and inspired millions of people around the world. Even today, almost thirty years after her death, her words are still a source of comfort and inspiration to millions of people. They still speak powerfully about love and friendship, faith and hope, sadness and joy.

Christmas Blessings contains 52 poems explored in five themes:
The Miracle of Christ’s Birth,
The Peace of Faith,
The Glow of Giving,
The Warmth of Friendships,
The Glow of Giving,
The Joy of Christmas.

I think Christmas Blessings is a beautiful book and a wonderful Christmas gift for friends and family. It is also a great book to read to your children.