A Time For Expression

Once a month Beth Freschi comes to Mn/DOT where I work and offers a free relaxation session for employees who are interested.

Beth teaches people how to balance their life through deep breathing, gentle stretching, muscle relaxation exercises, guided imagery, and meditations.

As a life coach, Beth also helps people with personal growth. She can helps you clarify what really matters to you and explore the possibilities in life. 

During this hectic and stressful period of holiday season, it is important to relax and enjoy life.

Beth is one of the most lovingkind and gentle persons I have met. I will always remember her angelic face, her calming and soothing voice, and her graceful demeanor.  Beth is a pleasure to be around and work with. I would highly recommend Beth to anyone who is interested in relaxation and life coaching training. 

For more information: http://www.atimeforexpression.com