Swine Flu Vaccine? No, Thanks

During the Thanksgiving gatherings with friends, one of the frequently asked questions was about H1N1 vaccination. 

My response was: "No. I don’t take H1N1 vaccine or regular flu vaccine." 

Let me inject a disclaimer here. I am not a physician and do not give medical advice. The opinion I share here represents my own. I do not represent any organization, private or government, including the Woodbury Bulletin where my blog is posted. 

I am interested in health and wellness related topics. I read books. I also read various electronic newsletters that I receive in my e-mail on a regular basis. 

Through my own reading, I came to the conclusion that the best medicine against any diseases, including flu, is a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle, not vaccines or any medications. I do not and will not take any seasonal flu shots. I will definitely not take the swine flu shot this year, no matter what the government, the drug industry or the media say about the importance of the swine flu vaccine. 

When it comes to health information, one of the most frustrating thing is the conflicting and confusing information out there. 

Sometimes it is hard to tell what is good and what is bad, what is right and what is wrong. What is good or right today may turn out to be bad or wrong tomorrow. 

Sometimes it is hard to know what to believe and whom to trust. Doctors and researchers may have different opinions. We certainly can’t trust what the big phama tell us. We can’t even trust everything the government or the media tell us. 

Sometimes it is hard to know what to think and how to make sense of everything out there. 

The bottom line is, everyone just has to make his own choice. 

My personal choice is simply "No" to vaccines.