Feeling Safe In Woodbury

I have always felt safe in my home, in my neighborhood, in Woodbury, and in the United States in general.

When I am at home, I don’t worry about burglaries. When I am out shopping, I don’t worry about robberies or my wallet being stolen.

The only time I personally experienced something bad was when I lived in Chicago over 10 years ago.

One day around lunch time, I was on a "L" train on my way from my apartment in Oak Park to my office on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago. When the train approached one of the stations, an African American guy grabbed my necklace and run out. When I realized what had happened. He was gone.

That was the only one crime I experienced during my 18 years in the U.S.

When I read about crimes in Star Tribune and Pioneer Press, I don’t feel so threatened.

Because I am in Woodbury, I feel safe.

But the report in today’s Woodbury Bulletin about three recent home burglaries in the Eagle Valley neighborhood hit home very close. It made me think again about safety. We have to be more careful and vigilant.

Still, I feel safe. I won’t lose any sleep over this.

In my native country China, burglaries are so common that residents have to install iron bars over their windows and balconies, up to three or four stories high, and replace their wooden doors with steel doors.

Here is a picture of what an apartment building can look like in China.

In comparison, I feel much safer here.

I am thankful for the safety and peace of mind I feel in this community and in this country.