Are We In Minnesota?

Weather-wise, it doesn’t feel like we are in Minnesota.

We are already into December now, but it still feels like October.

According to Paul Douglas, we just lived through the 2nd warmest November on record. The month of November saw temperatures above average. 

The average temperature at the Twin Cities Airport for the month was: 43.0 degrees, 10.3 degrees above average. The warmest November on record was in 2001, at 46.4 degrees. 

It is said that there are only two seasons in Minnesota, winter and summer. Spring and fall do not seem to exit or last long. People often turn on the heat soon after they turn off the air conditioning, and vice versa. 

But this year, it is different. 

So far we have had really nice and warm fall weather. I am thankful for that. Nice weather makes our life more pleasant and a little easier. 

Today marks the beginning of the coldest three months of the year in Minnesota. Winter is coming late this year. 

I am fine with cold weather, but I don’t like snow, because it makes driving so difficult. For me, a normal 20-minute driving to work can turn into an one- or two-hour ordeal on a snowy day. So I hope we will not have much snow this winter. 

I know many native Minnesotans like snow. For them, Minnesota without snowy winter is just not Minnesota. 

This proves the old saying, you can’t please everyone.